Friday, January 13, 2012

Adored by Marc Jacobs, Magda comments in the backstage at the show and says the secrets to being a top - Interview

At age 19, the argentinian model Laguinge Magda (Way) saw her career take off after the opening of the the summer 2012 Marc Jacobs fashion show in September 2011, fashion week in New York. "Have been three days of clothing test, they sewed all the pieces in my body. But at no time knew that it would open the show, the announcement came ten minutes before the show! It was a complete surprise, I was super nervous" she told on Chic backstage at Senac Rio Fashion Business.

Speaking at the American designer, Magda confides, "he told me he does not sleep the week before the fashion whow, but it was super nice. The whole team is very united. "

Since then, the girl modeled for Balenciaga, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, ChloƩ and Marni. "I have no home, I'm working all the time. All I have - especially vintage pieces and clothing of shows - is in my bags that leap from hotel to hotel. But in April I move to New York. "Any place to recommend in town? "I love Japanese food and consider the BondSt in Soho, the best of all."

Even novice in the profession, Magda knows what to recommend for those just starting in the area and look for inspiration: "The secret is not to copy other models, be yourself. In expressing their own identity only increase the chances. The personality of a top is very important, I believe it represents 50% time to get a job. "

Source, translated by me via Google.