Monday, January 9, 2012

Magda Laguinge - New faces, selected by Marilena Borgna - Vogue Italia


Magdalena Laguinge.

Zodiac sign


Live in




Fashion is

"A kind of art where designers express themselves."

I became a model when

"I send my pictures to my agency."

My style is

"I can express myself in many ways, it has to be elegant always but I dont like to dress like everyone, I always try to be original. I like to mix my closet trying to dress chic but with some quirky sent.
I love Vintage style, masculine, angular and structured clothes with good fabrics. I love scarves."

Favourite dress

"The clasic simple chanel black or white with no shapes or a very femenine style, long, with open back. And I like the different necklines of the dresses, marking the waist but very elegant."

Favourite fashion designers

"Marc Jacobs, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Karl Lagerfeld, Stefano Pilati."

Style icon

"Kate Moss for the clothes she wears."

Fashion tip

"Have fun!"

I Love

"Have a family birthday. A big party and spend Sunday with my family and boyfriend. Eat tasty things and have a nice holiday."

I Dislike
"The followers, people are not encouraged to think differently, who is afraid, conformism and falsehood.

First thing I do when I wake up

"Wash my teeth."
Last thing I do before I go to sleep:

"Check my e-mails."

Under my bed I keep


On my rooms walls I have
"A fashion wall plenty of favorites campaings, editorials , frangace campaings from a lot of magazines."



"Tourtles and iguanas."

Tattoo or Piercings

"Pastels colours like cream, the range of browns and green. Black and white."

"The xx , the Phoenix, the LCD, the MGMT, the Cake  and classical music."


"10 things I hate about you, Pride and Prejuice, Dracula, Old Love and mystery movies."

Dream concert

"Any band i like or a big concert of classical music."


"Sherlock Holmes."




Seaside or mountains

"Seaside. A beach with white sand, palm trees, crystal clear water and peace."
Country/City I want to vist

"Greece, Italy and Philippines."

Am in love with

"Agustin Dalmazzo."

I want to change

"My faults."

Project for the future

"Continue growing in my career and make useful things for my life and others."

My biggest Dream

"Have many family trips, learn more around the world, learn a lot and be happy with the people who most want. Helping people in need, be a very dear person."

Marilena Borgna