Monday, February 27, 2012

Streestyle - The Magdas

Magdalena Langrova & Magda Laguinge (in) The Magdas

After Rodarte FW 12.13 in New York and after Marni FW 12.13 in Milan… The Magdas are so adorable and sweet! I love seeing them together! =)

Everyone should send Magdalena Langrova some extra love and good vibes. Someone backstage at the Aquilano Rimondi show earlier this evening stole her wallet. She lost all her money, but her passport was returned to her. <3 Unfortunately, cell phones and wallets are often stolen backstage at shows all the time, especially in Milan and Paris. Last season in September, I counted at least 5 models altogether who had their cell phones stolen backstage in Milan and Paris. Everyone should be careful!