Saturday, September 29, 2012

CR Fashion Book Interview

What was your experience like working on the premiere issue of CR Fashion Book?
Shooting for CR was amazing!!! The first shoot that I worked on was with Carine Rotfield and Sebastian Faena. I came to the shoot right straight from the airport that morning. Sebastian is Argentinian, the same as me, and it is very nice to work with people from the same country. It was pretty relaxed on set and the pictures of all the models are AMAZING. Sebastian has a really cinematic idea about pictures what make them very interesting and artistic.. that way of working makes me really excited. I’m very glad to be on the premiere issue of CR Fashion Book.

What was your first runway show? What was your first fashion moment?
My first runway show was Marc Jacobs, when I opened his show that was the start of my career, after that I did the shows in different fashion capitals around the world and I started shooting important editorials and campaigns.

What does your NY fashion week look like?
I love NY fashion week, because New York is one of my favorite cities to be in and everyone is there. It makes me feel very, very excited … It is the beginning of a whole new season and you can start to see what designers want to express and show with their work.

How many days do you travel during fashion month? What cities do you hit?

The fashion week’s really takes about one month and a half between NY, London, Milan, and Paris.

Beauty secrets…how do you keep a fresh face?

The best way to keep a fresh face is sleeping and relaxing. Since that’s impossible during shows, it is always good to have a little holiday before fashion week starts… and during the rest of the year I don’t expose my skin to the sun, I always take all of my makeup off before bed, and I use a very soft hydrating cream and some tonic lotion every day.

What models do you look up to?
I don’t really look up to other models, but I can say that I admire some girl’s careers like Anja Rubik, Joan Smalls and Arizona Muse… they are great models.

What role does fashion play in your life?
Right now fashion plays a really important role in my life because it is the part of my job which I LOVE. It is very interesting and exciting to see how it changes and grows. I always watch it, follow it, and I enjoy being a be part of it.

Give us a little insight into your private world.
I love to cook different things, especially cakes.. Since I was young I’ve loved to act. There are nine people in my family, and all of my brother and sisters used to make little plays. I was the director and also an actress in all of them.. It was very funny. I love to hang out with friends and I like to be friendly. I am used to be with people around me all the time. I really want to study acting and ballet. There are too many different things to do!!!