Friday, September 28, 2012

La Nacion Argentina September 2012 + Interview

"Luces de Neón"

Photographed by: Urko Suaya
Styled by: Eugenia Rebolini.
Production: Josefina Laurent and LucÍa Uriburu
Styling Assistant: Jimena Soriano
Make-up: EstefanÍa Novillo with products of YSL
Hair: Lucas Barbolla for Estudio H


The Chosen

In a year her life changed: she left hes native Cordoba by the runways of New York and Paris. This is the story of Magda Laguinge, who at 19 has already conquered the world.

There she was, with 1.78 meters and an exotic beauty forward the designer Marc Jacobs, fashion genius and artistic director of Louis Vuitton. A stranger until then for the cordobian Magda Laguinge, which took its first steps into the world of modeling. In the interview, he told her to suspend their trips because she would be in charge of opening the runway in New York. But she heard the good news in installments: Magda had just arrived to the Big Apple and barely spoke English.

This opened a door unthinkable. A before and after. In just one year, the model of 19 years from the agency Look 1, campaigned for Louis Vuitton and walked for Balenciaga and Chanel, traveled to Berlin, China and Tokyo and she knows Paris and New York as the palm of her hand.

Ensures that nothing would be possible without the support of their parents-both graduate in Political Science, and her six brothers. She inherited her father's height and the face of her mother. "They trust me and are my reference and my ground wire," she says. Very Catholic, always accompanies a rosary that her father brought from Tierra Santa.

When she traveling to is in permanent contact with them, by mail, phone and Skype. And she returns with suitcases full of gifts: teas, mugs and spanish fan from Orient, german chocolates and candies from every corner of the world.

How is working in the European fashion world and the United States?
The marks on the outside are more bureaucratic, methodical and organized, in Argentina, more relaxed. Outside they are very professional and they leave everything to make a career, they will fund. If you want to do well you have to sacrifice a lot.

What do you sacrificed?
I went to live alone in another country without knowing the language. I left my studies of economics, but I have no regrets. These are risks. I stopped seeing my family and my friends. I'm not on their birthdays, I miss weddings, communions.

What do you love about your work?
It is an opportunity to grow. It's a job that allows me to get what I want: to be a good model. And do other things, to open other doors.

What do you care?
As all, but healthy. Genetics helps me a lot, but you have to watch because you have to follow certain steps, not weight. I exercise every day, and as I am too lazy to get into the gym to tape, long way through the cities I visit. I also did appliances. Breakfast coffee with milk, toast with cheese and yogurt with cereal. I went to a nutritionist who helped me eat well. Each time I return to Cordoba sweet tarts enjoy preparing my mom, and my dad roasts.

What bothers you about fashion?
Since I am Catholic, not do nudity. Also, I would not feel comfortable. I respect the trend but I don't like.

During the fashion production of this magazine, she responds with good humor to the suggestions of the photographer Urko Suaya and she has fun with fashion design proposals. At the end, surprises with her look: fur coat inherited, bootees and shirt from Paris, hat from New York and vest of her great-grandmother. With the same style, she walks on the streets of Cordoba and dance in the discos of the Big Apple, the same places who frequent Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé.